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Rules for Chat Box

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Rules for Chat Box Empty Rules for Chat Box

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 15, 2013 10:13 pm

Rules for Chat Box

This box is a very useful feature on EFTG where users and members of the site crew check problems on publications and solve problems in first line which have not been answered yet in the [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] yet. In addition, members can meet here to get acquainted with each other and to exchange topics on learning and teaching with other members of the community.

1. Feel FREE to

  • ask questions on details for publications
  • invite other users for a chat on a chat site or to our 1:1 private chat
  • find other users who can answer your short questions on materials
  • check back with the site crew for your publication you added and possible problems with those posts
  • ask somebody from the site crew to correct a mistake you made (if possible)
  • get an opinion from other user on the best book or audio available on the site
  • introduce yourself, what you learn or teach and which level or exam you have
  • discuss different teaching & learning methods
  • ask other learners how they improve their English and which methods they use or tell others
  • which books / magazines / novels etc. you like to read and why
  • and last but not least: show up whenever you like to help somebody - you don't have to wait until a moderator gives hints, just start! We have some hundred new users daily and many newbies come to the Chat Box first to ask questions which are already answered in detail (including pictures and video manuals) in our [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] section. So if you are in the mood and want to help, send new users to that section (please do not post our password in the Chat Box) where everybody can find what he or she needs. Simply copy this links and paste it in the mini chat, thank you for your help: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

  • read first the [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] section , if you need the password or other help, please!
  • do search before asking anything. Google is a master.
  • use default color and avoid other features (bold, italic, capital letters, etc. ) please, when writing in the box
  • use only English in the box please. No "Leet Speech" please! If you want to chat in any other language than English, do that in private please!
  • exchange your IDs to e-mail/ facebook/ skype/ etc. in private via PM only, not in public. No phone numbers and advertising here!
  • no, absolutely no discussion of pornographic / erotic / political / religious nature! These subjects very often provoke hate and flame messages, and we are firmly against this on our site!
  • respect each person's privacy, not everybody wants to give details about his person on the Internet
  • no offending of other users - if there is a problem, try to help to solve it - but don't offend other members! Don't discuss other users, contact the user in question in private and ask him directly please - if you have a personal problem with a member, solve your personal problem in private and not in front of the audience of some hundred users, please!
  • no links to other sites! No URLs to homepages, blogs or to sites with MP3, movies, cracks, software, porn etc.! Use Google for that, our box is no link farm and in most cases people try only to promote their homepage and want our users to click their ads on sites with poor content or spread links to sites with trojans and worms or even links with porn. Our site is an educational one and is visited by thousands of kids, parents and teachers, so find other sites for such things, please! If you think you "must" share your link with other users, send a PM to one of the administrator first and ask for permission, please!
  • if you want to advertise on EFTG and present your product to our huge community, please contact Administrators but do not use our site for that please! Our Chat Box is not the place to discuss topics from other sites (availability, connection problems, download problems, updates, memberships, premium accounts, private blogs, etc.) If you have problems with other sites, solve them in private or contact the webmaster of the site in question please!
  • no asking for / sharing / offering / requesting / exchanging of passwords for download accounts, paid sites, movie / porn /crack / MP3 / game sites, etc! There have already been some boxes for such contents in EFTG.
We care about our members and protect them. Breaking these rules means getting banned immediately and permanently without further notice or discussion!

3. Keep in MIND please

  • there is only a small space in the Chat Box and if many users are speaking at the same time, everybody gets lost. Including those who need help - and you!
  • please address every user (write his name) so that others know who you are speaking to!
  • we usually read back the history of all messages, so please stay polite even if you can't see a moderator online!
  • if you want to chat for several hours and speak about your personal problems, your latest boy/girlfriend or "coded" things which others cannot understand: please do that in private, for example via our private chat or on pure chat sites
  • please don't change our public Chat Box into your private "problem box" which some hundred other users are forced to read - instead make meaningful and interesting contributions and tell other members about your success in learning, which methods you use or let us know which books you prefer. Give advice, share your experience and your hints, we will be glad to hear about them!

We are an educational site for learning and teaching English and like to learn something new daily.

Easy to Remember

  1. personal things and private problems (which other users don't understand anyway) in private
  2. public topics (which everybody is interested in and can participate) in public

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